Tuesday, January 10, 2012


She meets your eyes like a loving child..
she hates strangers but smiles at them sometime.
she can get along with her stupid stories,
and comfort you with a dear ear..

she was once a weakling..
but she has a strong God.
she may be ugly,
but she has something in within.

she speaks like no one,
yet, words that come out never goes out of rhyme.
she is unworthy..
and she knows how to change it.

she's not a writer,
but she expresses.
she can be a friend.
and, a monster in the end.
 she loves music,
and goes really freak with it.

she loves photoshoots with budz
and laugh on it til dawn
posting it online,

 she never stops dreaming..
never stops imagining..
this words of describing are truly cliche.
but at least they gave a hint.
since words are not enough to describe her..

she, who owns this page.
she.. that reveals herself in front of you,
in this CLAMORing world..

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